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  1. Trippy Advice: Guadalajara
    28 Mar, 2017
    Trippy Advice: Guadalajara
    Overview As far as I know, Guadalajara is essentially a major city like Chicago in the alternate timeline where the Mexican-American War went the other way. -totally a pic I took. yup.- Surviving in various forms since the 1500s, today Guadalajara is a sprawling metropolis of nearly 5 million people that is known not only as the capital city and cosmopolitan center of iconic Mexican state Jalisco, home of timeless cultural elements such as tequila and mariachi music, but one of North
  2. UMTJ VI: Why Puerto Vallarta?
    24 Dec, 2016
    UMTJ VI: Why Puerto Vallarta?
    (the newest excerpt from my upcoming book examines just how the hell someone scientifically selects somewhere else on the planet to live.) Coast to Coast Considerations ...This isn’t to say that was the moment I decided that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico would be my new home. In fact, Mexico was one of the last places I considered departing to, in part because of widespread misconceptions about Mexican life perpetrated by American media and Taco Bell. However, that was the moment I decided that I


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