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  1. So...What's It Like?
    29 Jun, 2017
    So...What's It Like?
    Okay, so I do it a lot these days, we’re all aware of it by now. No secret that I enjoy it either…no shame in my game. However, I do get asked "what it’s like" on a fairly regular basis by those who consider themselves curious and uninitiated…I guess it’s not for everybody, I can dig it. It’s intense. Colorful. Introspective. If you don’t like you, you might hate it. I’m going to tell you that right there. …but I’m having a long fling with me right now, so here goes: I guess the biggest
  2. UMTJ VIII: Guacamole Galore
    30 Jan, 2017
    UMTJ VIII: Guacamole Galore
    *this excerpt from my upcoming and untitled Mexican travel guide details how guacamole actually changed my life.* I’ve loved guacamole since the very first time I tasted it less than 5 years ago. You see, I didn’t grow up in a Tex-Mex flavored family. We were more of an African-American fusion cuisine household, and so the closest I ever got to the flavors for which I ended up essentially repatriating was fast food foisted upon me by a talking Chihuahua. Even that gateway drug tickled my


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