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  1. The Best Hike of My Life
    11 Jan, 2017
    The Best Hike of My Life
    Here’s kind of an awkward confession from someone who aspires to be an honored fighting champion one distant day: cardio and I are strained acquaintances at best. Not that I don’t find activities such as sports, surfing, and other forms of mutual physical exertion to be worthwhile, beneficial and very enjoyable, it’s just that long runs to nowhere and extended periods pedaling a bicycle fixed to a defined point in space sound as much like punishments from ancient Roman mythology as exercise.
  2. Making of "The Freeman" Part II: All About Anastacio
    24 Dec, 2016
    Making of "The Freeman" Part II: All About Anastacio
    *this chronologue of The Freeman's creation continues with a spotlight on the artist who will spend a week painting my face on a large sheet of canvas, because we pretty much have to be friends now, right?* Anastacio sees life differently. In his younger days, this mind-blowingly adept visual artist was, like many of us, unsatisfied with his job. His career in discreet public transportation working on behalf of a travelers’ collective seeking passage into the States offered steady pay, but


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