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  1. Your Life Has Been Disconnected
    03 Apr, 2017
    Your Life Has Been Disconnected
    I recently spent a month or so without a smartphone. It wasn’t something I set out to do, I’m not one of those guys who brags about not having a TV…even though, I guess I don’t…but count me among the majority of the modern world as someone who has long enjoyed the many everyday conveniences offered to us by these miraculous little devices. -a touching poem composed the morning after.- Anyway, I say all that as exposition for the fact that one morning after a beach party in late February, I
  2. UMTJ VII: “Perdí Mi Tarjeta!”
    24 Dec, 2016
    UMTJ VII: “Perdí Mi Tarjeta!”
    (the next preview slice of my upcoming book shows that this ain’t some vacation...this is my life. shit happens, yeah?) Chapter 4- Vida Real Of course, it wasn’t all margaritas and madrugadas. If you stay pretty much anywhere in the world for over 3 days or so, the…logistical quirks…of the locale will begin to make themselves apparent. As I mentioned, I’m not exactly a seasoned traveler (yet, Bourdain…I am coming for your perfectly coiffed silver crowned head!), but as someone with friends
  3. Untitled Mexican Travel Journal Excerpt III: Donde esta...todo?
    24 Dec, 2016
    Untitled Mexican Travel Journal Excerpt III: Donde esta...todo?
    (yet another slice of a book still writing itself) I had to look more than a little crazy, fresh off a flight to Mexico in a USA Hockey jersey among the other layers I so painstakingly detailed last chapter. It was a great plan in frosty Philly, continued paying dividends in Denver, and even worked out fine during my two hours in the aggressively air-conditioned Phoenix Sky Harbor. However, I was now in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the forecast called for an 85 degree temperature,
  4. Untitled Mexican Travel Journal Excerpt II: Leap of Faith
    24 Dec, 2016
    Untitled Mexican Travel Journal Excerpt II: Leap of Faith
    (another excerpt from a book still writing itself)  I arrived at the airport on a forbiddingly frigid Phildelphia afternoon, lugging my luggage through the revolving doors of the airport with 2 hours to spare and giving the TSA ample time to violate my every semblance of privacy as was recommended. Because I was loath to pay $60 to check two bags as opposed to the $25 for one and don’t do well in the cold at all, I elected to wear an intricately multilayered outfit consisting of the


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